Go green – NABERS training

Hot on the heels of last week’s Green Cities expo in Sydney comes the start of semester 1 NABERS training.

Hot on the heels of last week’s Green Cities expo in Sydney comes the start of semester 1 NABERS training.

NABERS is the industry standard for measuring the real environmental impact of Australian buildings. For owners and tenants of buildings, NABERS provides a simple way to measure, report, improve and promote environmental performance. Over two thirds of the national office market has been NABERS-rated, including the already iconic 1 Bligh Street in Sydney.

The 2013 NABERS training series, for people to become accredited assessors or simply better understand how the NABERS rating tools work, is now open for registration. Courses are being held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

The NABERS Introduction Seminar is essential for anyone who wants to better understand NABERS ratings and the obligations of property owners under the Commercial Building Disclosure scheme (CBD). CBD requires anyone selling or leasing office space greater than 2000m2 to disclose a NABERS Energy rating.

For those who want to conduct NABERS ratings, the Accredited Assessor Trainingcourses (offices/hotels/shopping centres and data centres) provide a pathway to accreditation. This course is for those wanting to rate their own building, take advantage of the increased demand for assessors under the CBD scheme, or simply gain an in-depth understanding of the NABERS rating tools.

A 2011 report by the Australian Property Institute (API) and Property Funds Association found that Green Star-rated buildings delivered a 12 per cent "green premium" in value and a 5 per cent premium in rent. Others in the market have noted while there is not always a premium for "green" space, tenants have been demanding a "brown discount" for low- rated properties. While governments have launched programs to help landlords retrofit their buildings, take-up in the early stages has been slim. New South Wales and Victoria have legislated to allow local governments to sign up building owners to environmental upgrade agreements (EUA) – see our report called Green Commercial Upgrades.
See below for the NABERS training calendar:

Introductory Seminary (2pm – 5 pm): $275 including GST
Sydney: 18 March & 27 May
Melbourne: 15 April & 04 June
Brisbane: 20 May
Perth: 6 May

Assessor Course: (2 full days): $2200 including GST
Sydney: 19-20 March & 28-29 May
Melbourne: 16-17 April & 05-06 June
Brisbane: 21-22 May
Perth: 7-8 May

For more information or to register for any of these courses visit www.nabers.gov.au or email nabers@environment.nsw.gov.au