Continued Success for FPP in 2013

After the Future Property Professionals (FPP) program’s phenomenal launch in 2012, the success of the program looks set to continue in 2013.

After the Future Property Professionals (FPP) program’s phenomenal launch in 2012, the success of the program looks set to continue in 2013.

More than 1800 registrations were recorded by 294 users last year, with 95 participants successfully completing the full program.

Thanks to constructive user feedback from Australian Property Institute (API) members, Moodle – the online platform on which FPP is delivered – has undergone several enhancements which will benefit members.

The most significant improvement enables participants to view their answers to assessment questions. When answers are viewed, the question is displayed, which is noted as correct or incorrect. This enables participants to review and re-read relevant content. Another important enhancement is improved navigation.

Education and Training manager, Tracy Kriesel, said further improvements were in progress, with authors and other field experts currently reviewing several modules.

“Some modules are undergoing reviews based on user feedback, while others are undergoing reviews due to changes in required content. New modules are also being written and developed,” she said.


Thomas Johnston
Jones Lang LaSalle
I graduated from Curtin University’s Bachelor of Commerce (Property) in 2009. After returning from a year of overseas travel I commenced work as a graduate valuer (commercial) in Perth. I am now a graduate valuer at Jones Lang LaSalle Perth.

My role involves assisting with industrial, retail, englobo and commercial property valuations within the Perth metropolitan area. I have also been assisting in compiling and updating our internal rental and sales database.

The Future Property Professional (FPP) program provided a useful and accessible (fully online) avenue to further my industry and market-specific knowledge on property-related matters. It was useful to have the information all in one place, accessible through one website and relevant to the current political and legislative context.

I found the most beneficial module to be GST. GST, as with many taxation legislations, is often complex and at times difficult to digest. The module helped clearly set out how GST applies to specific property types, whilst outlining different methods in which to calculate GST liability.

The modules provide information that confirms what you already know and some of which is new. I think the main benefit of the modules is that you are learning concepts and information that is not only relevant to the Australian property market in general, but specific to the Perth market in which I work. Learning this information, but also knowing where to access this information, has given me greater confidence when consulting with colleagues and clients alike.

As a graduate valuer, each day you are learning new concepts, methods of property valuation and property jargon, as well as keeping up with any relevant legislative and market changes. The FPP modules, and in particular the information booklets you can print off once the module is completed, are extremely helpful tools that I will use to clarify and further my property knowledge.

Brendan Watson
Herron Todd White
I am a graduate valuer for Herron Todd White in Perth and I work within the residential department. I assist certified practicing valuers with property inspections and valuation reports. I have a business degree and a graduate diploma in property valuation from Massey University in New Zealand.

I have been with Herron Todd White in Perth for the past seven months, where I am getting quality training from the directors and certified practising valuers.

The FPP program was very beneficial to me because it taught me many new competencies which will assist me in my property career. The program was interesting, informative and it was particularly relevant to my position as a graduate valuer. The skills I learned in this program will stand me in good stead as I make the transition from a graduate valuer to a residential property valuer and then on to a certified practising valuer.

There were many important things I learned while completing the FPP. The API ethics and code of professional conduct module was particularly interesting and useful as it reinforced to me the importance of principles, values and behaviours expected by members and how important it is to maintain professionalism and high standards within the property industry.

The preparation for professional interview (RPV) was also an informative module as it gave me some pertinent information and generally helped me with my overall preparation. The inspection, recording and measurement module was also important and useful because this module taught me new skills which are directly transferable and applicable to my day-to-day job as a graduate valuer.

The FPP modules have also given me additional skills, knowledge and capabilities and it has made me more effective and efficient in doing my job. For example, the communication modules have assisted me in regards to communicating more effectively with my co-workers and clients. These relationships have been further enhanced due to these modules because the knowledge I have gained has enabled me to communicate more confidently. Quality and relevant education is definitely a big assistance when it comes to communicating effectively with clients and work colleagues and the FPP program delivers on this.

The program is informative, interesting and relevant for people in the property industry. I would recommend this program for people who have just started out in the industry as it will introduce them to concepts that they should know in order to carry out their jobs effectively. I would also recommend it to people who have been in the industry for some time because this is an up-to-date program in what is an evolving and challenging industry.

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