AVO launches new corporate identity, expands services

Australian Valuation Office launches refreshed corporate branding

AVO general manager Brett Martin launches the organisation's new corporate identity.

The Australian Valuation Office (AVO) has unveiled a new corporate identity.

The brand refresh “is the result of an extensive internal review of the AVO, including a review of what services clients want and value,” Brett Martin, AVO general manager, said.

“Our new corporate identity marks some ambitious changes which will ensure our organisation remains relevant to our clients.”

The AVO is also undertaking an expansion of its valuation services. Services include:

• the development of risk management frameworks to support some of the largest property-based programs in government
• a secure information technology solution for recording and transmitting government data on assets
• policy advice in support of key government clients’ outcomes
• the development of business intelligence using the data the organisation holds for government organisations that are seeking innovation and value from their asset portfolios

“We look forward to offering our clients a wider range of services which will add more value for governments,” Mr Martin said.

About the Australian Valuation Office

The Australian Valuation Office is a fee-for-service business in the Australian Taxation Office. It is a government agency that provides valuation and related services across Australia.

All valuers employed by the Australian Valuation Office hold professional qualifications and comply with Australian government standards for probity, transparency and due diligence.