Former Jackson 5 member to build global resorts

It will include a 5 star hospitality with entertainment

Tianjin, China.

Former Jackson 5 member Jermaine Jackson will establish a hospitality and entertainment brand: Jermajesty Holdings.

It will include 5-star deluxe hospitality with entertainment, including a Jackson Life Museum and Entertainment Centre in its resorts.

Jackson Life Entertainment Centre will have the capability to broadcast concerts and television shows for distribution over standard television and Internet protocol television (IPTV).

Resorts in the portfolio are currently under different stages of development and will be located in Australia, the United States, the Middle East, China and the rest of Asia.

A real estate investment trust will also be established to invest in the resort projects, with master design work currently under way.

“Rarely is there an opportunity for an upscale hospitality business to be able to capitalise on the success of a global entertainment brand. With the establishment of Jermajesty Holdings, that opportunity has now finally arrived,” Mr Jackson said.

“Being involved in the hospitality business is a dream I shared with my brother Michael, and Jermajesty Hotels and Resorts is named after my son.”

A management team for the company is being established by Prarob Mokaves, former president of development of the Dusit Thani Hotels and Resorts of Thailand. Mr Prarob has more than 38 years’ experience in the industry.

The first resort will be launched in Asia in the next 12 months – the Tianjin Jermajesty Hotels and Resorts in Tianjin, China.

Jermajesty Holdings has entered into a memorandum of understanding with a Tianjin local government company to secure a management contract on a property to launch the inaugural Jermajesty Hotels and Resort in Tianjin.

Tianjin is the fourth largest city in China, with the Chinese government promoting the city as a tourist destination. It is a major seaport and gateway to the nation's capital, Beijing.

The superstructure of the property has already been constructed in Tianjin and will include 30,000 sqm of floorspace. It has been designed to hold 350 rooms.

The resort will also include an open square for the Jackson Life Entertainment Centre. It has been designed to house 5000 guests.

The Tianjin local district government will complete the refurbishment of the 350 rooms by the end of this year.

Handover of the resort is expected in early 2014.

Jermajesty Holdings said it would hold the master franchise in Australia, New Zealand and Asia to identify and secure projects.

Australian company GoConnect, a media communications company, has secured a 20% equity interest in Jermajesty Holdings.

Established in 1999, GoConnect is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and delivers interactive audio and video through its technology platforms, including IPTV.

It will provide its global IPTV network to stream concerts and television programs for the Jackson Life Entertainment Centres.

“I am absolutely delighted to have GoConnect joining us in this emotional journey,” Mr Jackson said.

“Technological changes demand that marketers for a global brand like ours make use of the newest and best available global media technology platforms. GoConnect has pioneered multiple platform IPTV technologies.

“More importantly, GoConnect’s IPTV platforms are live and commercialised and have already secured a substantial and growing global audience reach. Their platforms are ideal for spreading the Jermajesty message.”