ANZPJ's June issue

We also give you an update on the latest property events

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New API National President

Tony Gorman talks about his commitment to greater transparency and improved services for Australian Property Institute (API) members.

Capital markets show mixed signs

While expectations for returns have decreased, investors continue to seek high-quality assets with higher yields in stable gateway cities with consistent cash flows.

Retail outlook 2013/14

There are signs of increasing optimism from both property owners and retailers, with those who can afford to invest, reinvent and strategically think about their operations well placed for growth.

Rising sea levels – the impact on property rights

Predicted rising sea levels will change established human habitation over this next century and climate-induced displacement will almost certainly occur in various parts of the globe.

Black swan events and Australian bushfires

According to the Ross A Bradstock, A. Malcolm Gill and Richard J. Williams 2012 book Flammable Australia, over the last 30 years fires across this continent have become more frequent and damaging and Australia is one of the three most fire prone areas in the world.

Bricks and clicks retail

With the European economies still struggling to find a firm footing post-GFC and North America improving, many experts are closely watching the Australian economy.

The three tiers of the Asian property market

Asian property securities have played a significant role in a global context, with its market value in excess of 48% of the global market. The Asian property market has grown in terms of size and investment environment, with enhanced property market transparency.

Abandoned goods and landlords’ obligations

When a lease ends because the tenant has breached the lease or abandoned the premises, or when its term simply expires, landlords have to consider what to do with the goods left behind.

Hobart: the perfect long weekend

Hobart, Tasmania’s capital city, has recently grown in prominence as one of Australia’s premiere short-break destinations thanks to its quality seafood, wine, fresh produce and pristine environment.

The secret to resource accommodation – give every head a bed

Actual or proposed development of iron ore and gas in Western Australia, gas processing in the Northern Territory, uranium in South Australia and coal and coal seam gas (CSG) in Queensland has headlined an almost suffocating line of billion dollar projects around the country. Accommodation is a major issue.

Coal seam gas and emerging issues for valuers

Information from recent committees of inquiry, legislation and decided cases has been used to explore key issues for valuers, exploring the way in which coal seam gas (CSG) infrastructure affects land and landholders.

And as always, we give you an update on the latest property events.