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National API President column

Tony Gorman shares his thoughts about the API’s structure and governance review, as well as insights in the possibilities for future growth and diversification of the API.

National API CEO column

David Haythorn provides more details about the ongoing structure and governance review of the API.

Crowdfunding: The future of urban renewal and property investment?

International examples of crowdfunded property guide the way to a potential revolution in investment and development, but local regulations could leave us all in the dark.

What is the real power of BIM?

The building and construction industry is asking what the real power of building information modeling is, as it struggles to assess interpretations, related technologies and endless possibilities.

Urban land use, new housing supply and affordability: an economic perspective

Virtually every Australian government has sought to contain population growth costs by promoting ‘densification’. But policies can be inefficient and inequitable, increasing costs and reducing supply.

Residential markets on a see-saw

While signs point to a recovery in several residential capital city markets, in reality that improvement will be uneven across Australia.

Green leases – challenges and opportunities

Green leases are one of the many strategies that can drive improvements towards achieving sustainability goals. It is only a matter of time until we are forced to raise industry standards.

Emerging new energy technologies – applications for the property sector

The world is facing several interlinked global challenges, such as fuel and food security, freshwater and arable land scarcity, which are exacerbated by a rapidly growing human population.

National Infrastructure Plan – implications for the property industry

The National Infrastructure Plan outlines major infrastructure reforms, with Infrastructure Australia contending the reforms are needed for a more productive Australia over the next 50 years.

American west coast wonders

There’s something magical about road trips – the open road and unknown adventures spread out before you. We take you on two of the most iconic drives in the world – the spectacular State Route 1 from San Francisco to Santa Monica in Los Angeles and the section of Route 66 between LA and Las Vegas.

The acquisition and valuation of de facto mining buffer zones in NSW

Compensation concepts are sometimes difficult to grasp, even for experienced practitioners operating in jurisdictions like NSW, with well drafted legislation, specialist courts and experienced judges sitting as judicial valuers.