Financial update

As your Treasurer, I can report that the ACT Division is on track to deliver another good financial result in 2013.

Membership numbers have continued to grow and since 2008 we have grown from 151 to 174 members and in 2013 it looks like we will grow further by two members.

A quick snapshot for the year to date financials is as follows:

1.Revenue Budget 2013  $203,187
Costs Budget 2013  $199,063
2.Budget Profit  $4,124
Year to Date Revenue (7 months)  $182,023
Year to Date Costs (7 months)  $125,555
Year to Date Profit (7 months)  $56,468

Divisional Council has made it a clear goal in 2014 to grow our membership by a further 20 members and to instigate one of our best CPD programs.

The budgets for 2014 are being finalised and will report on these in the coming months.

The API is in a good financial position.