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Up on the roof: The benefits of green, 'living' roofs

With the drive to increase sustainability of the new and existing building stock, one option building owners can consider is the installation of a 'living' green roof. Green roofs are a vegetated roofing alternative to traditional impervious roofing materials, employing plants, such as moss, lichen, sedum, trees, shrubs, flowers and bushes.

Clear skies ahead?

The $1.8 billion investment to redevelop Canberra Airport is one of the nation's larger, and more notable infrastructure project.

Investment strategies and property allocation for Australian industry superannuation funds

To achieve long-term performance, Australian industry superannuation balanced funds typically invest in a range of defined asset classes based on a strategic asset allocation approach. This paper examines the scope to increase the property allocation level of Australian superannuation balanced funds. This has implications for funds currently re-profiling investment portfolios to achieve stable risk-adjusted returns.

Landfill gas: Managing risk when building on or near landfills

Landfills pose a number of risks to new and existing developments which should be accounted for prior to commencement of any development. This article article discusses the origins, associated risks and management/mitigation options which are best employed when developing on or adjacent to new and old landfills.

Legal Notebook

DLA Piper provides insight into the implications that recent legal cases hold for property professions

Prefabrication's potential

The benefits of prefabricated construction methods and materials in appropriate applications have been well established. This is despite overwhelming literature supporting the merits of industrialised construction industry which has largely failed to embrace ‘prefab’ elements in Australian residential sector.

In search of the high performance team

Australian Institute of Property Management research shows megaprojects worth more than $1 billion are failing at a staggering rate of 65% and projects worth less than $500 million are failing at a rate of 35%. Thinc senior consultant Graham Scott examines why projects fail.

What do homebuyers want? Household trends and buyers’ preferences

Auckland is experiencing a housing crisis in terms of both affordability and quality. A growing population without a corresponding increase in housing supply has fuelled the crisis. This paper examines the current status of the housing market in Auckland and presents the results of a survey to identify the types of homes that first homebuyers want.

Australian commercial property investment market: Styles, performance and funding

This article, the first in a two-part series, examines the size of the Australian commercial investment property market. Part 2 compares investment performance with competing asset classes after adjusting for the reported low volatility from commercial property valuation based performance indices, and studies the impact of debt financing on commercial property fund performance.

Is your data swamping you?

Everything in commercial real estate lives and dies with its data. Massive volumes of real estate-related data can be overwhelming – but they can be a useful source of insights for property professionals.

Housing activity during business cycles

This analysis explores the relationship between housing activities and other economic indicators

Exploring the tax implications of property trusts

Property trust distributions often contain a component of “tax deferred distributions”. Tax deferred distributions have the potential to greatly increase the after tax return to an investor, as Cromwell Property Group explains in this guide.

Is native title property?

John Sheehan writes that the emergence of ‘new’ property rights such as native title in Australia has highlighted the need for a greater understanding of the historical and legal roots of property.