Property investment a popular resolution for 2014

Over a third of Aussies want to invest in property in 2014, a recent survey shows.

Aside from the wave of new gym-goers and detox dieters, a recent survey conducted by home loan provider, Homeloans, shows just over a third of respondents (34%) said purchasing their first investment property was a new year's resolution.

The most recent Homeloans Home Buyer Barometer saw just under a third of the 600 respondents claiming they wish to purchase an investment property within the next year, a further 34% of which will be first time purchasers.

"A combination of low rates, the housing market showing signs of life in various cities, and the stockmarket’s volatility means people are being attracted to buying residential property as an investment," Homeloans Executive Head of Marketing Will Keall said in a statement.

The survey also showed a significant number of parents were planning to buy property because they believe it’s a good investment that can be passed onto their children.

"A good residential investment property can provide an income-producing asset with a long term rental income stream, plus it can represent solid wealth creation through capital growth and, down the track, collateral security for further investment," Mr Keall added.

Around half of the respondents who claimed to have invested in property showed a preference for bricks and mortar rather than the sharemarket, as this was viewed as less volatile and more likely to offer capital gains and rental returns.

Favoured most, however, was a property that’s close to local amenities and transport, so as to make it more appealing to potential tenants, with over two-thirds saying rental demand was one of the most important factors to look into.

“That can be a good strategy because these properties will also generally be attractive to other investors, and even owner occupiers, should you ever decide to sell,” added Mr Keall.