Vale Mark Christie

Opteon plans to fully acknowledge Mr Christie’s legacy and celebrate his contribution to the Valuation industry

Mark Christie – API Fellow, Managing Director of Opteon (Western Australia) and founder of Christie Whyte Moore – unexpectedly passed away on April 25th at just 55 years of age.

Opteon CEO Greg Wickham announced the passing of Mr Christie on April 30th, writing that his death was “a great loss, not only for our company, but for the valuation profession”.

Mr Christie’s funeral was held on Friday 2 May at St Patrick’s Basilica in Fremantle, Western Australia.

Andrew Kavanagh will succeed Mr Christie as the Managing Director for Opteon.

It was believed that Mr Christie was preparing for his retirement in order to spend more time with his family, and had been working closely with WA directors to create a succession plan, to ensure a smooth transition following his departure.

An extract from the email sent by Mr Wickham reads:

“Mark was recognised as a leader in our industry with over 34 years valuation and property experience. In 1990, Mark was a founding director of Christie Whyte Moore and the business grew to become Perth’s pre-eminent valuation company.

"In November 2008, Christie Whyte Moore merged with Valuation Partners to form Quantia and go on to become Western Australia’s largest and most experienced property valuation consultancy with extensive geographic coverage.

"In July 2011, Quantia collaborated with 25 property valuation firms across Australia to form the now national Opteon Property Group.

"Mark was a founding member of the OPG Board and the Vice Chairman; he had a profound impact on our business and its success. He was a respected director and friend to the OPG team in Western Australia and their clients.”

It is noted that at a later date, Opteon plans to fully acknowledge Mr Christie’s legacy and celebrate his service, achievements and contribution to OPG and the valuation industry. Staff in WA can still be contacted via

“Our profession has lost a statesman, Opteon has lost a leader and we have lost a friend… Mark will be deeply missed but his legacy remains,” writes Mr Wickham.