Australia and New Zealand Property Journal – September 2014 edition

The September 2014 edition of the Australia and New Zealand Property Journal is now available

Our carefully selected content for the Australia and New Zealand Property Journal directly addresses the interests of property professionals both in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

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Here's a summary of what you can expect in the September 2014 edition:

Challenges for the future of education

With help from other experts in the property education field, the API’s national education standards manager, Tracy Kriesel, discusses the evolution of tertiary institutions, including the challenges and opportunities of technology trends, now and into the future.

Thought leader column

CommSec chief economist Craig James discusses how the state of Australia's job market is having an effect on budding property investors, while delivering tips on the state of the economy, the property market, and providing helpful insight for property professionals and their associates.

Remuneration in the property hierarchy

Regular columnist Rita Avdiev of the Avdiev Group shares insight from the latest Avdiev Property Industry Remuneration Report 2014, discussing fat cats, salary slaves, and tips on how best to ensure a desired remuneration while working in property.

Retail sector improves on the back of key economic growth

Foreign investment, a weaker Australian dollar and the improving housing market are all factors contributing to gains in Australia’s retail sector, according to this recent retail whitepaper from Colliers International.

Key policy changes for NSW Planning

This feature, which serves as an update to a previous article on the NSW planning system (June 2013 edition), will focus on some new concepts for the planning industry relating to development feasibility and market assessment. Author Sarah Hill of Hill PDA explores the state of the industry following the stalling and abrupt halt in progress for a new NSW Planning Act and what it means for the industry.

Lifestyle communities

As the Australian population ages, many people are seeking greater financial and lifestyle flexibility in addition to more extensive health services. Lifestyle communities (LCs) are a new type of professionally managed developments, comprising purchased houses on compact leased lots near medical, shopping, entertainment and transport facilities. In his paper, Ian Flynn FAPI explores this concept further, including the pros and cons for residents and its potential to become mainstream.

Property asset management and black swan events

Fire, floods and financial meltdowns are all events that are a serious concern for property asset managers and can spell disaster for building owners. Across many industry sectors there is a realisation that mainstream risk management techniques appear insufficient to deal with the irregular large-scale unpredictability of black swan events. Professor David Higgins explores the nature of these events, which he refers to as the “blind spot” in the property decision making process, and the consequence of overlooking them.

Legal risks faced by property valuers

Property valuers' concerns about whether they are acting within the law have impacted on individuals at an increasing rate over the past few decades, while there are always concerns about their limitations within the industry. This paper will look at case law and relevant guidelines for property valuers with regards to legal requirements in the working environment, while providing a sound advice for avoiding negligence claims.

Legal Notebook

DLA Piper provides insight into the implications that recent legal cases hold for property professions. In this edition they assess the weight of disclaimers by exploring the outcome of a case of deceptive and misleading content in a property advertisement, ultimately leading to legal proceedings.

Noxious weeds and their impact on rural valuations

This edition we explore the risk to rural valuers of overlooking the presence of noxious weeds such as Serrated Tussock in a range of rural valuations. An increasing number of valuations are being undertaken using Property Pro for mortgages, in areas where there are established weed risks, and due to the perennial nature of these plants, will require continuing long term and expensive management. More so if the property ends up in the hands of the mortgagee.

Travel feature: Wandering Seoul

Korea is a country that has become synonymous with technology giants like Samsung and LG - and THAT horsey dance. However, there is more to the country's capital city than Psy and smartphones. This article looks at what visitors to the country should do if they find themselves with a couple of days in the city, from tourist attractions, shopping centres and the best back streets to get lost in, plus tips on the best places to dine on Korean food, which is becoming more popular across the world, from meat that melts in your mouth to delicacies like live octopus and silkworm larvae.