Urgent: API member survey input wanted

Online survey needs feedback from at least 450 more API members by midnight, October 15

An update from Change Management Systems (CMS) managing director, David Ryan, on the API Governance and Structural Review project:

CMS commenced the Governance and Structural Review Project on September 17. Since then, the CMS team has worked with API National Council’s Governance Committee Chair, Tyrone Hodge, committee members and Divisonal Executive Officers (EOs) to achieve the initial round of information gathering and review.

We sent an online survey to all API members about a week ago and have received more than 550 responses already, which is a great start.

Members are urged to complete the survey by midnight tonight (Wednesday, 15th October). We urge you to let us hear your voice. We want more than 1000 responses so please find 15 minutes to complete the survey. If you haven’t completed the survey, please do so. For access to the survey, please contact API National Office at national@api.org.au or 02 6282 2411 or contact your state Division.

The EOs are an integral part of the project, both as a key stakeholder group and as the crucial touch point for members in each state. They have pulled out all stops to get the project up and running.

We will visit each state over the next few weeks to meet face-to-face with each Divisional Council, key external stakeholders and a cross-section of API members.

By the end of all of this we are confident that we will have genuinely heard the voice of the members and all key stakeholders on their aspirations for the API.

We have much to do over the coming months and we look forward to working with you to achieve the goals of the 2014 AGM motions.