List of Mr Fluffy Homes to be published

The list of contaminated homes is expected to be accessible via an official government website on June 30

The ACT Government has revealed it will publish an official list of the 1021 Canberra homes contaminated by loose-fill asbestos in June this year.

The announcement was fuelled by concerns that an earlier release of the information might jeopardise a commonwealth loan granted in October 2014.

The $1 billion loan allowed the ACT Government to buy back and demolish the properties contaminated by the Mr Fluffy insulation product between 1968 and 1978, after it was revealed some homes may still contain the potentially deadly asbestos fibres.

The latest response from the Asbestos Response Taskforce to requests for the list to be published confirmed the loan agreement is yet to be signed and negotiations in that context were continuing.

ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr confirmed the week of June 30 was the most appropriate time as it would allow homeowners time to consider the government's buyback scheme. The affected residents have until the end of June to opt into the scheme and the government has not ruled out compulsory acquisition of properties after this time.

Mr Barr said he hoped to secure the loan within the next few weeks.

"My preference is for that loan to be secured and for a significant component of the scheme to be completed before we make public a list," he said.

"There's an important distinction between those that need to know, such as tradespeople and those associated with emergency services, and those who might be interested to know in the broader community.

"I appreciate there's a great deal of interest, but my primary concern is for the privacy of those affected households."

A spokeswoman for the Asbestos Response Taskforce said search mechanisms for former owners/tenants and tradespeople, public and industry education around loose-fill asbestos and tagging of affected homes maintained the balance of privacy and community interest.

In the meantime, she said the government would work to educate the community on the support available to them if they discovered they had been in the affected homes.

The government is expected to be out of pocket by at least $300 million at the end of the scheme after it rezones and sells the remediated blocks.

Pilot demonstrations of demolishing of five Mr Fluffy public housing properties are expected in January. The ACT government passed a $762 million approbation bill to pay for the scheme in December.