API Education updates

Details on the Risk Management Module 2015 and new modules in the Future Property Professionals Program

The API’s latest Risk Management Module (RMM) will be available from June 2015, while two new modules have been released as part of the Future Property Professionals (FPP) program.

Details of each new update below:

RMM 2015 available from June 2015

The Australian Property Institute will launch its 2015 Risk Management Module (RMM) from June 2015 for both face-to-face and online sessions.

The RMM is compulsory for all members currently undertaking Valuations of Australian Property (intellectual, personal, real and leasehold property and includes plant and machinery), who do not hold a current RMM Certificate or hold one that is due to expire this year.

There are a number of modules available for completion in 2015, including:

  • Risk Management Module (RMM) Essentials
  • Risk Management Module (RMM) Volume Residential
  • Risk Management Module (RMM) Commercial, Specialised and Determination Work
  • Risk Management Module (RMM) Government
  • Risk Management Module (RMM) Plant & Machinery

Further information on the sessions will be advertised during 2015 on the API website.

Two new FPP elective modules released

Two new elective modules have been released as part of the Future Property Professionals (FPP) program:

Building Inspection
The Building Inspection module has been specifically written to cover many aspects of inspection buildings for valuation purposes. It incorporates valuation standards for the inspection of buildings and Australian Standard AS 4349.1-2007.

Compulsory Acquisition
The compulsory acquisition of privately-owned land by federal government, local government, and other authorities is an inference with the common principles protecting private property rights.

Where property professionals are engaged to represent dispossessed owners or acquiring authorities in this process, it is required of them to have a good knowledge of statutory procedures, case history, statutory process, law, and the API’s Practice Notes on this subject.

Where necessary, the property professional may be required to act as an expert witness in Court proceedings concerning assessment of compensation.

These new elective modules are available now for completion.