The 2015 API Annual General Meeting

The 2015 API Annual General Meeting was held on May 28 at the Canberra Rex Hotel

The Australian Property Institute recently held its 2015 Annual General Meeting to review recommendations from reports into the Institute, and attain endorsement of its proposed new ‘members first’ strategy.

Held on May 28 at the Canberra Rex Hotel, with just under 60 people in attendance, the 2015 API Annual General Meeting presented members with the opportunity to review progress since the previous year’s AGM in which a motion raised and passed by the members directed the then National Council to arrange independent reviews of the strategy, governance, structure and financial affairs of the API.

A new motion was passed regarding the introduction of the ‘members first’ strategy in accordance with the Institute’s constitution and bylaws. The new strategy is expected to move the API from a broad-based divisional model into a national member services based model.

'Members first'

API CEO Mike Zissler says the new 'members first' strategy will keep members informed about ongoing changes and facilitate discussion about possible changes to the constitution. He also said the strategy would be useful in keeping API staff engaged in the ongoing reform process.

“We are committed to making sure that members are fully aware of any changes proposed and the implications of any changes to the constitution.

“In terms of staff, the strategy will assist in creating certainty about their employment conditions and roles and seeking input to ensure the member value proposition and services are maintained and embedded into the new organisational structure,” said Mr Zissler.

Key elements of the ‘members first’ strategy include:

  • Implementing a comprehensive change and communications strategy.
  • Formalising delegations, authorities and operational governance.
  • Reviewing roles at national, state and territory levels and by implementing appropriate changes.
  • Establishing Shared Services.
  • Reviewing boards and committees.

The API will circulate proposed constitutional changes and seek member feedback on such changes in a timely manner in order to facilitate an Extraordinary General Meeting in October 2015 to consider and, if thought fit, to approve the proposed constitutional changes.

“The change management and communications strategy will allow for the transition to be smooth and effective, ensuring acceptance by members and staff,” concludes Zissler.

Further outcomes

The AGM also saw the acknowledgement and acceptance of recommendations put forward from reports by Change Management Systems and Ernst & Young after their respective reviews into the Institute’s strategy and finances.

Mr Robert Smyth, Chair of the National Finance Board, provided a summary of the financial accounts for 2014. PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chartered Accountants were also re-elected as the official auditors of the Australian Property Institute Incorporated.

Attendees of the AGM received and considered the 2014 Annual Report of the National Council, including the Financial Statements and the Auditor’s report in respect of the 12 month period ending 31 December 2014.

Copies of the 2014 Annual Report are available on the API website.

A special welcome was also extended to API Life Fellows Clyde Eastaugh, Richard Swinbourne, Greg Preston, Marcia Bowden, Alan Hyam, and guests from the Property Institute of New Zealand, Blue Hancock (current President), Greg Ball, (future President) and CEO Ashley Church.

Post-AGM social event

Post AGM refreshments were provided to allow members to mingle and network, and for API staff to unwind after the hectic lead up to the AGM.

In the evening a formal dinner was held to celebrate the appointment of the 2015 National President, Tyrone Hodge. Mr Zissler welcomed the invited guests and congratulated the incoming President. Mr Hodge gave a short address to the group, and also thanked outgoing National Councillors Philip Western and Dennis Volk for their valuable contribution over their term of office.

2015 National Council

The new National Council members for 2015 are:

  • Tyrone Hodge (National President)
  • Charles Spanjer (Vice President)
  • Robert Smyth (Vice President)
  • Robert Hecek (Immediate past President)
  • Chris Shaw (Legal specialist)
  • Andrew Cubbins
  • Garrick Smith
  • Mark Kay
  • Philip Willington
  • Michael leech (YPP observer)