​Call for submissions: The Australia and New Zealand Property Journal

If you'd like to submit a paper or article for consideration, please contact the Journal editor.

The API’s flagship magazine publishes a range of insightful content relevant to the property industry, prepared by a variety of thought leaders, academics, and industry figureheads.

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We always welcome submissions from API members and readers for review. Whether you're looking to share your latest research paper, shine a light on pertinent issues within the industry, or put forward new concepts and ideas, we want to hear from you.

If you'd like to submit a paper or article for review, please contact the editor of the Property Journal, Bonnie Gardiner, directly at bonnie_gardiner@idg.com.au.

Online whitepaper library

To complement its print publication, the Australian Property Institute has developed an online whitepaper repository to house research papers relevant to the property industry. Submissions will also be considered for the library.