February News

Vale: Iain William Gribble

Iain passed away suddenly in Tokyo on 28 December 2012. He and wife Heather were returning home from a five-week holiday in Europe. He was aged 65.

Continued Success for FPP in 2013

Thanks to constructive user feedback from Australian Property Institute (API) members, Moodle – the online platform on which FPP is delivered – has undergone several enhancements which will benefit members.

Bittersweet Re-build

Fifteen months after the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire that claimed 11 lives and partially destroyed the building, work has begun on a new contemporary high-care residential facility for 128 residents.

Contrasting Aussie Fortunes

The 16th annual GOCO report highlights significant regional differences – while some markets saw sustained growth, others such as the US experienced weaker levels of demand due to economic and political uncertainty.

Elevated Tracks the Answer for High-Speed Rail?

It is widely believed that a HSR network would dramatically change the way Australians work and live, offer huge potential carbon savings, and could alleviate housing shortages in Sydney and open up affordable housing alternatives in Canberra, Goulburn and Newcastle.

Legal Eagle's Property Focus

Sean Ryan, Director of FBR Law, has been appointed to the SA Divisional Council to provide legal expertise to the Division. He spoke with the Australia and New Zealand Property journal about his new role, his career path, and how he unwinds.

Property Forecasting

Outlooks for Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia have already been given during forecast events held by respective state divisions of the Australian Property Institute.