February News

Upcoming events

The Australian Property Institute delivers dozens of industry-leading property related events, functions and seminars nationally each year.

Housing bubble looms, says HSBC

In a recent report, HSBC's Paul Bloxham and Daniel Smith warn that the Reserve Bank's rate cut will increase the risk of a housing bubble, particularly in Sydney.

API Awards for Excellence

In January 2015, the API presented two awards at the PRRES Gala Dinner. These awards recognise the recipient’s contribution to property education and/or research to the API and to the property industry as a whole.

Perth's infill targets not being met

Just two of Perth’s 32 local governments have met targets for increasing the amount of infill housing in their areas — something the State Government flagged five years ago as vital as WA’s population increased. 

Survey: Strong demand for construction workers

Demand for construction workers is hot right now as the Australian property industry prepares for an inevitable boom, according to the latest Master Builders Australia National Survey of Building and Construction.