New software to aid international sales

Cruiser Interactive can turn any surface into a touchscreen network for presentations and collaboration

Real estate workers can now utilise a software platform to improve how they provide digital details on a property to customers overseas or interstate.

An innovative software platform, released from a new spin-off company of Smart Services CRC called Cruiser Interactive Pty Ltd, turns walls, tables, whiteboards and smart devices into touchscreen networks for presentations and collaboration, allowing agents to show details of a property including visuals, appliances and plans.

The software, which will debut at Melbourne's Connect Expo 2014 on the 13-14 March, aims to revolutionise digital presentation and communication in any domain where visual planning and group collaboration is required.

The technology allows users to flick information from any surface to any other surface located anywhere in the world for dynamic group discussion. Participants can annotate images and video; resize, manipulate and copy media files; contribute additional content; and share and work on information with multiple peers, clients and colleagues.

The platform is already being employed in business operations for companies such as Colliers International and Victoria Police.

“In the residential property industry, we work with clients from around the world, so using such a visual and interactive format helps us to overcome potential language barriers and communicate successfully,” says Mark McKenzie from Colliers International. “And of course, young people who are familiar with touch screen technology love it.”

Patrick Higgins, Manager, Property Management Group at Victoria Police, said the software was the most advanced touch interface he had come across, and explains how it's being utilised at Victoria Police to have staff collaborate on building maintenance and property management.

“We have 800 properties to manage, so this is an amazing tool for us. The Executive Director also sees some important opportunities to use the facility for operational policing to monitor what’s happening in the field and manage and run these operations,” says Higgins.

For local customers, digital tools are also reshaping the landscape of the real estate industry, with apps for mobile devices allowing consumers a wealth of knowledge on certain properties for sale or for lease at the tap of their finger.

Mobile versions of popular websites like are aiding people who want to compare prices and properties, while several other apps are coming to the fore to help calculate mortgage payments, understand certain neighbourhoods and assist with internal and external property design.