2014 API AGM Notification

This year’s AGM will be held in the nation’s capital, Canberra, within the famous Don Bradman stand at Manuka Oval

Australian Property Institute (API) National Director Clyde Eastaugh has given notification of the API’s 2014 annual general meeting (AGM), which will be held on 29 May, in Canberra.

Mr Eastaugh has published a letter to all API members on the Institute's website, which provides important information for members and a link to the meeting details and motions to be decided.

The accompanying 2013 annual report will be in a different format to previous years. The new streamlined design recognises the benefits of online communication, with links to full State Division reports via online links and QR codes.

Read Mr Eastaugh’s letter to members, below:

Dear Member,

This year’s AGM will be held in the nation’s capital, Canberra, within the famous Don Bradman stand at Manuka Oval. It is an exciting venue and great opportunity to catch up with colleagues. Importantly, this is a premier Institute event that needs your support.

The AGM agenda includes a number of motions. This is your opportunity to have a say in how you would like your Institute to be run. Financial management, member benefits, communication, standards, professionalism, education, broader membership options; the future of the API. If you have a vote it is important to use it wisely.

There has, over the past months, been concern from some members, particularly regarding the financial capacity of the API. These concerns, real or perceived have been expressed in letters from various Divisional Presidents,newspaper articles and online comments.

It is pleasing to report that these issues are being addressed, with the first two motions on the AGM agenda being the product of a better understanding between those concerned members and National Council. These two motions are supported by National Council.

There is now an emerging organisational unity that is critical in guiding the future of the API, a future which includes an inclusive approach to change management and fiscal policies, and one that will underpin the best interests of members and associated stakeholders.

Welcome to Canberra.

Clyde Eastaugh LFAPI
Interim National Director/CEO

Download Notice of AGM including Motions here.