Webinar: Balance sheet – why the fuss?

All board members are responsible for the financial viability of their organisation and have a legal responsibility to monitor trade

The Associations Forum is inviting people to register for its upcoming webinar – The Balance Sheet: Why the fuss? – kicking off Thursday 19th June, 1pm (NSW time).

Say "balance sheet" to a non-profit board member and you are just as likely to get a look of fear as of pain. For people who join boards to do good work and promote the mission of an organisation they want to support, the idea of reading financial reports is not the most fun part of their role.

Nevertheless all board members are responsible for the financial viability of their organisation, and have a legal responsibility – backed up by heavy fines or even jail time – to ensure the organisation does not trade while it is insolvent.

This workshop will not only teach participants how to read a balance sheet, but help them to identify those signals that will lead them to ask more questions. These questions are what keep themselves and their organisations out of trouble.

All within an hour, in plain English and without a safety net!

In one hour, the webinar will cover:

  • Why being able to read their balance sheet will keep board members out of jail
  • The difference between cash and accrual accounting
  • The principle of double-entry book
  • The elements of the balance sheet.

About the presenter 

Morri Young works at Matrix on Board, a company that has been standing beside decision-makers to build capability in Australian not-for-profit organisations since 1997.

Morri has worked previously in government and non-government service delivery agencies, and peak bodies, in the area of child protection and out-of-home care. He and his partners at Matrix are passionate about bringing financial intelligence and good governance to not-for-profit Boards, and have seen great things happen when not-for-profits take control of their destinies through good planning and diligent execution.

For more information or to register, please click here.