National President's report

National API President Robert Hecek wraps up 2014 with an update on the Structure, Strategy and Governance Review

Since my last update the Strategy, Structural and Governance review process has continued at a brisk pace.

CMS – National Council workshop

On Thursday 27 November the Change Management Systems (CMS) team met with National Council and provided them with a summary of their work and consultations thus far. The team also presented the high level findings of the membership survey where some 1500 members provided views and opinions on the API and what is important to you the members. This was supported by the inputs from some 20 forums held across the country.

Key findings include:

  • the overwhelming majority of members want a unified strong national organisation that they can be proud of and one that provides cost effective services for the promotion and maintenance of the profession, and
  • the structure of the organisation must provide clarity and alignment on member management and support consistently across the nation, with a local understanding and focus on State specific issues including legislation and industry practise within a national framework, plus a broader member base that reflects that change in the industry and the emerging career options for those now entering it.

Next steps

The CMS team will compile an interim report based on their work thus far with inputs from the workshop and then will deliver a ‘Road Show’ early next year to meet with each of the divisional councils to ensure we have a unified understanding of the proposals that will move us forward.

The project remains on track to achieve its delivery date at the end of March for the report and final recommendations to National Council.

There is still much to do and I will provide you with more information and updates as we progress.

Robert Hecek API – President on behalf of National Council