Message from the CEO

Interim CEO Mike Zissler discusses plans for the Institute in 2015-2016, including the upcoming 90th anniversary bash and a special thanks to members


Well here we are in 2015, and while only a few days have passed I have heard rumours of Easter Eggs already on sale in Coles and Hot Cross Buns in Woolworths. We seem to be on a path that gets faster and faster as we wish our lives away.

What an exciting year 2015 promises to be, but first and foremost let me thank the members for their patience, commitment and understanding as we leave 2014 behind.

Last year was indeed a momentous and challenging time, and thanks to those who attended the AGM in May and, in particular, those of you who rallied around the Concerned Members Group to ensure that we heard what you had to say. It is thanks to you that we are now on a journey of discovery and starting to set the agenda for 2015, 2016 and beyond.

In 2015 we will make history as the Australian Property Institute continues its metamorphosis into the organisation we all know it can be. We will see the finalisation of the Governance and Structural Review in mid-March, followed by the significant task of communicating the preferred solutions to our members before the AGM in May.

I have high expectations of myself, my team and of every staff member around the country to get on board and make the change real. I realise that there is much to do, and sadly there is no silver bullet to make things easy, but clear strategic leadership and transparent communication will be vital to ensure that we all come on this journey.

Over the coming weeks and months I will sending out as much information as I can. This will include progress reports and updates on what is happening behind the scenes to realise the vision of a strong, professional and resilient membership organisation here for the benefit of all of its members. We need to ensure we have a voice that can be heard and relied on; we are an organisation of integrity and an organisation of trust.

Daily, we provide valuations that affect the Australian dream of home ownership and of owning and investing in business. The work we do has an impact, and we must ensure that we remain a measured and reliable voice providing timely and accurate information. In doing so, we set the tone for good business and good business decisions.

We have the potential to be an organisation that is bold, courageous and to uphold strong values. I hope you can all join me on this journey and together we can make the Australian Property Institute an organisation that we can all be proud of.

In 2016 the Australian Property Institute will be turning 90, no telegram from the Queen as yet but still an amazing achievement nonetheless. I am hoping that we can celebrate 2016 in style and I invite all of you to join me in celebrating, so we can all realise 90 years of accomplishment and be very proud of who we are and what we stand for. Perhaps also that we have the clarity to see ahead another 100 years of the API, including a telegram from the Queen in 2026.

Kind Regards,
Mike Zissler
Interim Chief Executive Officer