Coming soon: The Australia and New Zealand Property Journal

The February 2015 edition of the Australia and New Zealand Property Journal will be available later this month, both in print and online.

Our carefully selected content directly addresses the interests of property professionals both in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

The Journal will be available in print and online. Here's a summary of what you can expect in our February 2015 edition:

Leaders in thought: Quid pro quo Bankwest chief economist Alan Langford weighs in on the give-and-take relationship between Australia’s property market and macroeconomic activity now and into the future.

The rewards of innovation Rita Avdiev, managing director of The Avdiev Group and regular ANZPJ columnist, discusses how continual innovation leads to an evolution of roles and, ultimately, a better wage.

Tweet your way to the top Social media and the Internet can play a huge role in professional development, whether it’s finding your first job, seeking a promotion and collaborating with like-minded peers. Bonnie Gardiner explains how your next status or tweet could land you a promotion.

Price differentials of spatial attributes in the valuation of housing As part of a B.Sc Property and Valuation degree, RMIT’s Artur Giller and Albert Giller examine how the inclusion of spatial attribute data enhances the accuracy of pricing models for housing.

Does business intelligence achieve transparency? Gregory Fuhrman, industry specialist for investment management at Yardi Systems, explores how to make transparency a prominent feature in today’s business world.

Bitcoin and the rise of crypto-currency Since its creation, the digital currency known as Bitcoin has been met with controversy, including passionate debates between users and skeptics, while governments struggle to regulate it. Stephanie McDonald explores the growing prevalence of the volatile payment method and whether it can take off in a conservative property industry.

Homes of the future With the growing prevalence of smart technology used in property, the thought process of consumers, architects, construction workers, valuers and numerous other stakeholders will need to adjust - Bonnie Gardiner explores how.

Is there a Chinese property splurge? In recent years, residential property prices have escalated across Australia, making it difficult for many Australians to fulfil the dream of home ownership. Macquarie University’s Justine Wang, John Croucher and Tom Valentine discuss whether this increase in prices is caused by Chinese buyers entering the market.

Legal notebook An update on proportionate liability - DLA Piper provides insight into the implications that recent legal cases hold for property professions.

Quarterly market data Home loan demand remains strong - Jessica Darnbrough, national spokesperson for Mortgage Choice, details the latest release of housing finance data and what these figures mean for the property market.

Valuation of environmental and conservation lands in Australia Preston Rowe Paterson’s Robert Dupont discusses the evolution of policies and legislation for conserving biodiversity within Australia, their effect on planning, development and property values, and proposes methods of valuation to reflect these issues.

Australia’s most haunted buildings Despite a relatively short property history in Australia - the oldest surviving buildings formed as early as the mid 18th century - our country has a decent list of properties said to be plagued by ongoing paranormal activity. This article provides a brief list of Australia’s most haunted locations, all of which are able to be visited today (if you dare).