A Q&A session with Mike Zissler, API CEO

Mr Zissler shares details on the transformation of the API, details about the upcoming AGM, and encourages members to make their votes count.

The Australian Property Institute’s CEO, Mike Zissler, recently sat down for a Q&A session to discuss everything relevant to the upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Mr Zissler goes into detail about how far the API has come since last years’ AGM, including previous issues raised by members on transparency, financial management, structure and governance.

You can read the full interview here.

Since this time, the API has worked to resolve many of these issues, including a progressive ‘Members First’ policy, actioning recommendations from extensive reports by Ernst & Young and Change Management Systems, in an effort to share any information about the institute, “warts and all”.

Mike also shares details on how members can fully prepare themselves for the next AGM, taking place on Thursday, May 28 in Canberra, including references to relevant resources and CorpVote, the proxy voting platform.

Click here to read the full Q&A transcription and get all the details on the AGM, changes to the API and how to make the most of membership.

Voting closes 4pm on May 25, three days before the 2015 Annual General Meeting.