REA Group to provide virtual reality property tours

REA Group plans to utilise virtual reality with its online portal, to aid potential buyers

REA Group has partnered with 3D tech specialists, Scann3D, and property developer BPM to allow buyers to view property off the plan with virtual reality (VR).

REA Group plans to utilise the new technology with its online portal,, to make this new technology accessible to customers, and to enable a new generation of immersive virtual tours that allow users to explore new developments online before they even exist.

The result witnesses the launch of the world’s first 3D walk-through for a yet-to-be-built Melbourne apartment development.

With development approval and construction activity increasing to meet consumer demand, Scann3D’s new 3D tour technology will enable home hunters to take interactive virtual tours through off-the-plan properties.

The technology will allow people to experience the look and feel of a finished apartment, and ultimately help them decide whether it is the right property for them.

BPM, developer of new Melbourne development Shadow Play, is the first to offer 3D tours of off-the-plan apartments on

For the last 12 months the Melbourne-based VR outfit has been providing 3D scanning services to residential real estate sector clients, including Jellis Craig and Metricon. Their fleet of 3D technicians can capture, process and upload 3D tours of any existing space, made available online within 24 hours.

Scann3D uses new developments in web technology to scan images of the real interiors of a feature property, and uses these to create an online model of the bricks and mortar dwelling. After visualising more than 500 homes across Australia, Scann3D’s CEO Trent Clews-de Castella noticed a lack of support for buyers searching for properties off-the-plan.

“Everyone sees the value in 3D technology; it’s a true representation of how we interact with the physical world. There was a clear opportunity to bring this technology to the apartment development industry.

"Our new 3D tours provide users with a greater sense of spatial awareness, placing you inside a home that does not even exist yet. These virtual experiences will continue to improve the consumer’s decision making process and help property developers such as BPM deliver better outcomes for their customers” Mr Clews-de Castella said.

REA Group chief information officer, Nigel Dalton, said this new technology is another way the property site is making the property process simpler, more efficient and stress-free for property buyers.

“We know that people looking to buy off-the-plan apartments can sometimes be hindered in their decision-making as they are unable to walk through it like an established property.

“This new technology helps consumers immerse themselves in a finished apartment, enabling them to ‘walk’ through it, to get a deeper understanding of what they’re buying,” Mr Dalton said.