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The July 2015 edition of the Australia and New Zealand Property Journal is now available, both in print and online

Our carefully selected content directly addresses the interests of property professionals both in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

The Journal will be available both in print and online. The Journal is free for API members, who can access the online edition by logging on to the API's Find a Property Professional website. Once logged, members can also access the online Journal directly here.

Here's a summary of what you can expect in our July 2015 edition:

Industry panel discussion: 2015 Budget
Read the opinions around property for the year ahead, leading on from the latest Federal Budget, with property and economic experts weighing in, featuring Westpac’s chief economist Bill Evans, BIS Shrapnel's Frank Gelber, and property investment guru Margaret Lomas, among others. These experts weigh in on the latest Federal Budget and its focus (or lack thereof) on property, and share their forecasts for Australia’s property market and macroeconomic activity.

Innovative new building materials
Learn about the latest innovative building materials to enter the market to ensure more sustainable and ground-breaking construction techniques.

Australia’s ageing population
Australia’s population, according to the federal government and social research over the last 30 years is ageing – the four key variables comprise birth rates, immigration, and the increased lifespan of our citizens combined with baby boomer retirees. According to author, Ian Flynn, planning for irreversible change is essential in order to provide for transition rather than crisis.

Catering to the ‘digital natives’
This piece, aimed at both younger property professionals and the companies that hire them, explores the use of technology in the workplace, how it can attract and retain younger talent, while simultaneously allowing organisations to thrive not just with a more engaged workforce, but with more efficient processes and operations. We also discuss how companies can even utilize younger workers to drive IT strategy, as no one understands technology for everyday use better than millennials, aka the ‘digital natives’.

Regulating the Australian property market
Ben Kingsley, leader of the Property Investment Professionals Australia (PIPA) discusses why the property investment market and associated advisory services should be regulated to avoid property spruikers creating chaos in the investment landscape, ripping off investors and maintaining an unsustainable investment model.

Legal Notebook
DLA Piper provides insight into the implications that recent legal cases hold for property professions.

Housing finance data
Jessica Darnbrough, national spokesperson for Mortgage Choice, details the latest release of housing finance data and what these figures mean for the property market.

Managing global commercial real estate accounts
Technology allows commercial real estate companies to remain competitive and meet the challenges of today’s ever changing global business environment. Although portfolios have reached new levels of geographic diversity and complexity, only by using the right tools can these organisations make informed and timely decisions.

An industrial investment outlook
Leading law firm Maddocks' senior associate Nicholas Sparks discusses a lesson-filled 2014, and key considerations for a successful year ahead in the industrial investment market.

Sustainable development: value of land reserved for protecting environmental assets
What is the value of land reserved for the public purpose of protecting environmental assets? Frank Fforde of the WA Land Compensation is in favour of preserving the environment for future generations, however, he believes owners whose land is affected by these reservations, formal or quasi, need to be properly compensated.

Practical issues when seeking compensation for the relocation of a business
Discussing the compulsory acquisition of land on which a business is conducted in NSW, this article identifies practical issues that business owners, and those advising them, should consider when deciding the availability and strength of relocation claims they may wish to advance in negotiations with a resuming authority.

In every issue we present the latest available gadgets produced by the technology world including snapshots of new advancements and reviews of the latest gadgets for home and the workplace.

Exploring Tokyo
Steph McDonald shares with readers her experience touring Japan’s capital city, with a focus on historic architecture, traditional artefacts and the modern leaders of global infrastructure, along with a few kooky tips for navigating the buzzing cultural behemoth.