API now recognises commercial property managers

The API has introduced a new certification of the Certified Commercial Property Manager (CCPM)

A vital role in the property industry is the management of buildings and the occupants within them. The API recognises that the skills needed to manage buildings are diverse and demanding in terms of commercial conduct, negotiation and reporting.

The API is the ideal professional home for Commercial Property Managers given its other members' work in valuation, funds management, property finance, development, consultancy, sales and acquisitions, property law and education.

To promote careers in commercial property management and to elevate its recognition in the marketplace, the API has collaborated with leading real estate agency and property management firm, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) to introduce the certification of Certified Commercial Property Manager, or CCPM.

L to R: Richard Fennell, George Vallas (API NSW President), Troy Shepherd, James Guthrie, Carina Cowham and Tyrone Hodge (API National President)

“JLL commends the API in bringing the Commercial Property Manager Certification to the Property Management industry and fully supports the qualification and standards required for attainment" - Richard Fennell, head of property and asset management Australia, JLL.

For further information, contact Amy Guy or Gail Sanders.