National Council report

The API National Council shares updates on changing structure, staffing and the upcoming National Extraordinary General Meeting.

It continues to be a very busy time from an API national perspective.

Since the May 2015 AGM held in Canberra, where it was confirmed the API is to proceed with a new management model and constitution, there has been a significant amount of work undertaken in preparation for various management and operational changes, and the development of the new API Constitution.

As you would be aware from the various alerts issued by Mike Zissler, the API National CEO, there has been significant consultation with all members, surveys undertaken and consequent drafting of a new constitution and the related API by-laws (to be termed policies).

The final version of the new constitution, based on a company limited by guarantee, will be provided to the membership for voting at the 2015 Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held in Adelaide on October 22. As indicated in the CEO’s correspondence, there is a need for the membership to vote on the new constitution at the EGM, with more information to follow. There has also been significant work undertaken in the financial and IT management of the API as part of the changed environment.

In addition to the development of the new constitution, the National Office has been very busy with developing the new national operating model including a shared services centre. The API now has a new structure based on a single organisation with a series of portfolios focusing on members and services, which officially commenced operation from earlier this month.

Each Division now has a Member Service Manager, who in the ACT"s case is Cathy Sirel. Almost all of the national positions have now been filled and appointed.

Another major matter being handled at the national level is the application for the renewal of the APIV membership with the Professional Standards Councils. This is a complex and time-consuming role for the five-year renewal of the scheme.

The application for renewal was submitted several months ago and members will be advised of the status in due course. In the meantime, there is a range of required scheme audit processes that are being worked on currently.