​Risk Management Module 2015 - ACT

The ACT's RMM event was held at the DLA Piper offices, with an overall turnout of 77 valuers

The API Risk Management Module (RMM) - with several RMM streams designed to target specific disciplines within the API - was rolled out with a backdrop of significant changes in the API backroom.

Although the release of our preferred RMM was delayed, this did not hinder the preparation for the ACT RMM event.

The timing of the ACT event was designed to minimise the likelihood of conflicted API events, thus maximising potential participants and allow the ACT to prepare for any issues arising from earlier interstate RMM presentations. Unlike previous events, there was notable resistance (almost an uprising) to a Saturday RMM that resulted in a Friday morning option locked in early for the 14th August.

The ACT event was again held at the DLA Piper offices and presented by Lindsay Joyce, solicitor. Lindsay (also a valuer) recognised the increasing issues with confidence in the valuation industry and co-designed the first tranche of Risk Management Modules delivered to the API fraternity.

He did a sterling job scaring the bejesus out of all in attendance, I suspect, except the most hardened mortgage security valuer, but he also softened the delivery with his special brand of humour and an admittance that valuers just had to stop being the good (fall) guy.

It was the largest ACT RMM event so far; 77 valuers with a number of cross border participants. It was a great presentation, the company was good and of course the morning tea was excellent.

For those valuers that couldn’t make it this time, you will have to wait until 2018 for another opportunity and good luck with the online module.