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The November 2015 edition of the Australia and New Zealand Property Journal – The Education Issue – is now available, both in print and online.

The API's carefully selected content directly addresses the interests of property professionals both in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

The Journal is available both in print and online. The Journal is free for API members, who can access the online edition by logging on to the API's Find a Property Professional website. Once logged, members can also access the online Journal directly here.

Here's a summary of what you can expect:

Thought leader roundtable: The future of property education
The API brings together property course coordinators to discuss the mounting questions around the future of property education. We provide a rundown of the key issues and takeaways to give readers insight into this growing issue.

Industry view: How education can be improved in my sector
A variety of property stakeholders discuss what they feel needs to be improved or changed in the education toward their profession based on their experience with young people coming into their industry, and the changing landscape due to new progresses in technology, standards and practice.

Property education testimonials
Property students and recent graduates provide details on a course they have completed/are currently undertaking, and what value they feel it has had on their education, whether they would recommend it to others, and where it felt its key strengths and weaknesses were.

Commercial Property Management Certification
To promote careers in commercial property management and to elevate its recognition in the marketplace, the API has collaborated with JLL to introduce the certification of Certified Commercial Property Manager (CCPM). We also feature a Q&A with JLL’s head of property management, Richard Fennell, to reveal key challenges and achievements in commercial property management.

Exploration of the ‘valuation uncertainty’ technical information paper
This paper by Deakin University's Professor Richard Reed relates to a recently published technical information paper entitled ‘Valuation Uncertainty’ which provides insight into the ‘behind the scenes’ work undertaken by academics and valuation experts regarding the continuing improvement of valuation standards.

Defensive action: Negligence and ‘peer professional opinion’
Today, clients are more aware of their rights and your obligations as a professional valuer, and thus are more likely to take legal action against negligence. In some jurisdictions, the professional valuer may be able to raise a professional practice defence under civil liability legislation. This article by QUT's Dr Lucy Cradduck considers what is required to raise this statutory defence, and in which jurisdictions it applies.

White collar crime within property agents’ trust accounts
With the increase in white collar crime around property agent’s trust accounts in NSW, consumer confidence has eroded. This paper by Hera Antoniades examines constant characteristics associated with white collar crime and concludes four characteristics that form the basis for white collar crime in a property agency to aid prevention of fraud.

Powering the precinct
Australia is well behind many of our global counterparts when it comes to the diversification of energy production, infrastructure and distribution, as we’re still clinging to the centralised ‘hub-and-spoke’ model of the electricity grid. This article by Norman Disney & Young’s Tony Arnel discusses why co- and tri-generation solutions play an important role in our transition to a truly sustainable energy future.

The future world of work
Much has been written about the future of work relating to technological advances, but what is missing from the discussion is the role people will play in the future landscape, according to Ineke Read of Davidson Recruitment. This feature article provides insight for new and seasoned professionals alike into the potential effects of machine learning, how to build better humans in a world of robots, and how property professionals can start adapting.

Land tax in Australia
Following recent review, this article argues that reform of property and land tax is long overdue in Australia. While most recent debate has centred on GST, little focus has been given to the effort of state and local government, and in particular, land taxes. Researcher Vince Mangioni examines the structure and effects of a land tax with a view to improving operational efficiency and revenue effort.

Islamic Banking and Property Finance
In Australia, there has been an increase in the amount of foreign investments and business activities originating from Muslim countries and investors with an Islamic background. However, due to the lack of Islamic banking facilities, most Australians may not be familiar with the ‘Shariah compliant’ banking. This excellent student paper from RMIT University explains the principles of Shariah compliant finance and its practical application for property investments.

Innovative new building materials
Learn about the latest innovative building materials to enter the market to ensure more sustainable and ground-breaking construction techniques.

Legal Notebook
DLA Piper provides insight into the implications that recent legal cases hold for property professions.

Quarterly housing finance data
John Flavell, CEO of Mortgage Choice, details the latest release of housing finance data and what these figures mean for the property market.

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